Lingage Inc. provides the chinese mandarin TTS services over the internet. The purpose of speech technology is to enable people communicate with computer by speech. It includes both sides: listening and speaking. On the speaking side, Speech synthesis is also called TTS(text-to-speech), the computer convert text into voice. It is one of the fundamental strategic technology with broad application potential market.

Lingage Inc.'s speech synthesis system using a set of home brew technologies to generate smooth sound by RESTful interface over the web. It has the following features:

  1. Smooth natural synthetic speech. Adjustable reading rhythm. Be able to adapt to all kinds of text, numbers and special symbols.

  2. Speed ​​Variable. The speech speed is between 120-350 words per minute, with male/female voices.

  3. The phonetic engine for our TTS system can make expressive adjustment for several emotional contexts.

  4. Easy to deploy. Although real world situations maybe different, using the TTS service is as easy as 2 http requests.

  5. System is flexible, scalable and strong: without compremise of the synthesis quality, sound library size normally used only 1/10 space of normal speech engines, making it much easier and faster to modeling and synthesis of new feature voice corpus.

The system can be widely used over the Internet, such as voice information dissemination, news broadcasts, online learning, gaming and so on. The service can be used in mobile devices, household appliances, automobiles, IVR, audio books, toys and other fields.

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